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Our Vision

Beacon is a  centralized grant fund designed to remove barriers to care and help trans people feel at home in their bodies based on their needs rather than financial status.


While the trans community is more visible now than ever in history, we are still facing overwhelming barriers to care and support. Many trans people struggle to keep consistent employment, especially at the beginning of their transition, and even those who are employed often do not have insurance coverage for the gender affirming care they need. Many newly out trans people also lose family and friends when they decide to transition, leaving them isolated and caught in a body that does not yet feel like their own. Often, our community members turn to fund-raising sites to raise money for gender affirming care. They are forced to put themselves on display at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives.  

It is our hope to dismantle that tradition of loss and fear and create a language of healing and celebration. We have created a centralized funding site that will act as a rolling grant to support trans people in need of help getting the gender affirming care they need.

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